How NLP Can Help Chronic Pain

How NLP Can Help Chronic Pain by Joey Gonsalves Eliot Krane — 10% of the time after a person has recovered from an illness pain persists sometimes months and often years. Chronic pain manifests itself as an application of the senses. So the brain is telling you that a simple touch with a feather can […]

How People with Chronic Pain Respond to Pain

How People with Chronic Pain Respond to Pain by Joey Gonsalves The nervous system is like the electrical system in your house. The wires in your house run from the junction box   to the lights or other electronic devices you may have plugged in. The nervous system is like that. Often time this pain creates […]

For Chronic Pain, Meditation or Medication?

This is an article I found on-line from the website Published April 6, 2015 by Sierra Campbell I thought I would share it with you guys Where do you reach while experiencing pain? If you experience headaches, do you immediately reach for the Tylenol? When you’re emotionally in pain, do you reach for the potato […]

What if you cannot remember a time.. --18/07/2015

Introduction to getting rid of Negative thoughts

The secret to controlling your emotions is to understand how they work, this is where so many people get it all wrong. Why? Because negative thoughts feel unpleasant so it is only natural and understandable that you would won’t to make them go away. But that approach can cause you to end up fighting with them and your […]

So.. What do you do for a living --16/07/2015

So.. What do you do for a living –16/07/2015

I had a very interesting conversation with a guy called Simon the other day while waiting for my Indian take out. As an NLP Therapist I am often asked what is NLP and what can it do for me. People have very interesting views on NLP. This Video is about that conversation with Simon explaining […]

Foundation Course 12

Ecology check–03/07/2015

In doing change work that is NLP, it is critical before implementing any change that the change itself be ecological. Is the change I am about to make good for me, is it good for my friends/family, good for my environment and good for the over all universe. We like to say don’t fix what isn’t broken. […]