How NLP Can Help Chronic Pain

How NLP Can Help Chronic Pain by Joey Gonsalves

Eliot Krane — 10% of the time after a person has recovered from an illness pain persists sometimes months and often years. Chronic pain manifests itself as an application of the senses. So the brain is telling you that a simple touch with a feather can feel like you are being burnt with a lighter. This is the case with people that suffer from Fibromyalgia. I too experience this feeling every day.

Physical pain is a good thing. It is a warning service our nervous system has to tell us that there is something wrong somewhere in our body and we either have to treat it ourselves with a band aid or go and see the GP. Without this any damage incurred in the body that is left untreated could have serious consequences

Doctors treat this kind of pain with symptom modifying drugs like pain killers which only mask the problem. People who have chronic pain often complain that pain killers “stop working” after a while which leads them to take stronger pain killers or a larger dose of pain killers they are currently on.

It is also treated with painful physiotherapy to try and retrain the nerves to respond in the way they should

So where does NLP come into play?

NLP offers a drug free self pain management solution to help turn the pain down the chronic pain with a series of tools and techniques designed to change the way you think, feel, and how your body acts. NLP teaches us that the thoughts we have are connected to the feelings we experience which in turn effects how body.