Finding the characteristics of your chronic pain 13/03/2015

One of the techniques I teach is called Visualisation Change. We go through this technique in detail in one of my blogs however I’d like to invite you to relate to its working and value.
I invite you to think about your chronic pain for a moment. You will notice that it has its own special characteristic or you will have your own special way of describing it.
People often express those characteristics using one of three senses Visual (seeing), Kinaesthetic (touch, feeling), Auditory (hearing) for example a screaming, fiery, burning, pounding, stretching.
What if you could change the characteristic of that chronic pain? Do you think it would change the way your body would act and feel and how you think? The best way to do this is to use the sense that is strongest for you. Some of you will say that you cannot do it. Give this a try.
Close your eyes and recall your front door, recall the colour of the door, recall if it is rough or smooth or long or short.
Now recall the sound of your loved one’s voice. Is it loud or soft? Is it high pitched or low pitched? Can you notice the accent in the voice?
Now can you recall the last time your loved one touched your hand? Can you recall whether or not it was smooth or rough? Hot or cold? Or hard or soft?
Whichever sense was easiest to recall is your strongest sense. This strongest sense is the one that will help change how you interact with your pain.
In my Pain Management workshop, I help you to describe the characteristics of what you feel and see when recalling your pain. I then guide you through a technique to change the characteristics of your pain. The result…you begin to view your pain differently and positively!