Introduction to getting rid of Negative thoughts

What if you cannot remember a time.. --18/07/2015

The secret to controlling your emotions is to understand how they work, this is where so many people get it all wrong. Why? Because negative thoughts feel unpleasant so it is only natural and understandable that you would won’t to make them go away.
But that approach can cause you to end up fighting with them and your feelings, which will prove disastrous,

Many of our anxious thoughts are usually being triggered by a bad memory or experience. Once you have had a bad experience it can form a negative connection, this means every time those thoughts and images appear in your mind it will instantly activate a negative feeling.

These bad memories can be very troublesome at times, causing your pain to amplify through anxiety and stress. What you need to do is to disassociate the negative feelings from the thoughts and images that keep on causing  you discomfort, and the best way to achieve this is through using NLP. Sometimes you can get rid of negative thoughts by just observing them peacefully and letting them pass bye, if they are frequent and persisted then you need to remove the emotional emotion from them, once this has been corrected those images and bad emotional memories will be neutralized.