Holding on to your belief of pain by Joey Gonsalves 14/03/2015

Pain is a both a good thing and a bad thing
Pain is an indicator that something is wrong somewhere in your body. It is the body’s self defence mechanism. Without it damage done to the body if left untreated could result in further damage to the body which would not be good.
Pain becomes a bad thing when after the damage is fixed the sensation persists. It can also be a bad thing when this persistent sensation starts to hold you back from achieving your day to day activities. When it takes hold on us who suffer with pain, the way we think changes. The challenges we face are we start to believe that we cannot get rid of our pain.
I invite you to accept that not being in pain and being in pain have the same outcome. Using the two together helps you understand that the pain belief and the not being pain belief can work together.
The two are in our lives in many examples; we stay indoors with our pain that keeps us away from playing with loved ones. We go out with friends and family that keeps us from having a restful night sleep.
Getting behind the conflicts beliefs in pain is how we evolve to come to terms with these our condition, function better and do the things you need to do on a day to day basis. #painmanagement# #chronicpaincontrol#