Video Library

The Video Library is a compilation of video blogs to build your confidence in self-managing NLP therapy and build health and vitality. The library helps you understand how you can be in control of your own pain management, provides you with the techniques and offers assisted practise exercises to help you reduce your pain quickly and easily.

What does the Library comprise of?

This resource is the personal coaching part of your learning and pain management programme. Joey leads these video blogs, he shares core techniques and practices exercises in NLP created for you to continue at home.

• Interviews
This resource presents different interviews from physical pain specialists, who talk about ways to relieve pain. Interviews show an alternative way of managing pain that you may have not tried before; the advice you hear is invaluable.

• Demonstrations
This resource demonstrates techniques with his students. You will learn how about the technique in ‘learnings’ and see their benefits when practised here. Watching these demos are very useful when getting the techniques right.