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Pain Free with NLP hosts hours of digital learning content to help build health and vitality. It will enable positive thinking and deep rest and see a reduction to your pain.

The articles + video libraries and forum offer specific and targeted learning on self-management.  Other content is also available such as courses and live videos ensuring Pain Free with NLP’s Online Toolbox becomes your companion to manage your pain not only as day to day but as a long-term solution. It aims for you to manage your pain by strengthening the mind-body connection and reduce your need for pain killers. Also to bring back quality in your life that is so often missed in people in chronic pain.

The techniques, learnings and demonstrations focus on –

  • Developing a healthier attitude to your condition
  • Learning skills and techniques to help you live and accept your pain
  • Developing positive patterns of thoughts, emotions and physical feelings
  • Developing a positive mindset and body-mind connection

As a member you can enjoy existing and new digital content to help bring increased results and be in control of your pain.

Pain Management Library

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Ongoing learning, new content available each month:  the library of video blogs and articles is a rich source of information; learnings, interviews and demonstrations aim to develop positive thinking and healthy living.


The forum is an additional resource for student to post tips, recommendations and ask for support when managing chronic pain.