Pain Free with NLP foundation Course

Pain Free with NLP Foundation Course is dedicated learning on the concepts of NLP and its techniques.  The course is 18 short videos, 3 hours of one-on-one teaching to achieve a pain-free existence modelled on self-management.

On the course, you will benefit from one-on-one therapy and demonstrations where you can watch others practise techniques under the guidance of Joey Gonsalves.

By the end of the course, you will be able to master the application of core Pain Management techniques through your own guidance and intuition. You will understand and start to control a good lifestyle and mind-body connection which you can begin living immediately.


Section 1: Introduction

1 Introduction

2 About Joey

Section 2: Fibromyalgia               

3 Fibromyalgia

Section 3: Intro to the Mind Body Connection

4 Mind Body Connection

Section 4: Visualisation Technique

5 Visualisation Technique

6 Anchoring

7 Visualisation Technique in Action

8 Visualisation Technique closing

Section 5: The Facets of Life

9 The Seven Facets of Life

10 NLP Communication Model

11 Conscious and Unconscious Mind Part 1

12 Conscious and Unconscious Mind Part 2

13 Ecology Check

Section 6: Helping yourself

14 Pacing and Saying No

15 The Nightmare that is Pain

16 Submodality Crossover

17 About Milton Erickson and the Betty Erickson Technique

18 Betty Erickson Technique Demo

Section 7: End

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Customer reviews

“If you suffer from any chronic pain condition this course is a must try. It is put together in perfect bite size chunks which are just the right length to hold your attention and really gets you thinking about your pain and how to manage it in a different way.  Joey explains the different subjects and exercises in the course in a way that is really easy to understand and enjoyable to do. Since doing the course I am happier and managing my pain better and don’t reach for my pain medication as much as I used to.” Peter –UK