What is NLP?

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is an approach to communication, personal development, and psychotherapy created by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in California, United States in the 1970s. Its creators claim a connection between the neurological processes (“neuro”), language (“linguistic”) and behavioral patterns learned through experience (“programming”) and that these can be changed to achieve specific goals in life.[1][2]

NLP  is a method of achieving success through successful actions, in particular by modeling the actions of those who are very successful indeed. People with success usually have great communication skills and it is these skills that open doors, create opportunities and pave the road for further success. Not everyone is born an “A” type personality, some of us are not as outspoken or possibly socially gifted as some. NLP techniques can help build our communication skills and increase the social rapport we develop with others.

NLP Started off with a communication model. This communication model showed how people communicate and interact with themselves and others. The NLP communication model explains how we process the information that comes in from outside us and what we do with it inside.  It also explains the miind body connection.  What we think and how we feel effects the actions and the results we get. By changing just one of those “parts” has an effect on the others.

What are video blogs?

A video blogs is a digital media file which is distributed over the Internet for playback on PCs, Macs and smart devices. Think of video blogs as mini movies that anyone can watch.

How often are new videos blogs and articles available?

I release new videos and articles once a month.

How do I know when a video blog has been added to the Video library?

All video blogs have a date of upload in the title.  You will tell when a new title is added by its date; also new titles will appear as the first title in the Archive.   The Video Library has 3 archives.

How do I know when a new article has been added to the Forum?

Go to the Online Toolbox > Articles on Pain Management. You can identify new article posts if it is posted with a recent date in the forum.

How do I access the Video Library?

The Video Library appears in two locations and has 3 Archives: Learnings, Interviews and Demonstrations.  Find the library both on the right hand side of the page on the Video Library Page under ‘Online Toolbox’.

How do I access the Forum?

Access to the forum appears at the top of the page under Online Toolbox, and has two forum boards, ‘Articles on Pain management’ and ‘Members Board’. Unless you are a member you will not be able to view content in the forum.

How do I post a new topic on the Forum?

Go to the Online Toolbox > Members Board, a text and title of post box will appear at the bottom of page.  You may write your post for the forum here. When you submit the post Joey will receive a message that you have posted.  He will need to read the post before it is posted.

How do I access the Course?

Access to the forum appears at the top of the page under Online Toolbox. Unless you are a member you will not be able to view the Course.

How often are new modules available in the Foundation Course?

The modules in the course are to teach a Foundation level in Pain Management.  It is a complete course and additional modules aren’t planned for this Course.

Will new videos blogs or articles be automatically sent to me?

No. New podcasts are not automatically sent to you.  You will have to log in to the Pain Free with NLP using your credentials and visit the Forum and Video Library to see new content.

How long does it take to complete the Foundation Course?

The course should be taken in your own time, so the time it could take from one person to another could be different.  The Course contains teachings and practise; so often you’ll need to playback a practice exercise or a teaching area to reinforce your understanding.

How do I organise my learning using Foundation Course, Video Library and Forum?

Your base learning should be the Course, as it takes you from beginner to intermediate knowledge and develops a complete toolkit to manage your condition.  As you are working through the modules I recommend you to read a minimum of one article or watch a minimum of one video blog to reinforce your learnings and advance your base knowledge.

How many times can I listen to the video blogs?

You can listen to the video blogs as many times as you would like both from the Course Library and the Video Library. I advise you to watch the video blogs as many times as you need to fully grasp the learning.

Can I suggest the subject of a video blog?

Yes. I would be happy to add your suggestion to the video blog titles.  To suggest a video blog subject, just send me an e-mail at joey@painfreewithnlp.com.

How do I ask Joey a Question and how much does it cost?

Questions can be asked on the forum, please indicate that the question is for me.  Alternatively send me the question directly send me an e-mail at joey@painfreewithnlp.com.  I post both question and answer as a forum post; I will send you a link to the post once it is available.

How can I pay for Pain Free with NLP services?

You can pay using PayPal, this is currently the only accepted payment form on the site. You will need to sign up for a PayPal account first before completing your online purchase for site membership. Having a PayPal account is free and takes minutes to set up.