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Steve – USA

Joey comes across in a friendly, sincere and honest way and you get the feeling he is talking directly to you with a passion to help you and really does understand what you’re going through as he talks about his own condition.  Joey explains different subjects in a way that is really easy to understand and enjoyable to do.

If you suffer from any chronic pain condition his course is a must try. The course is put together in perfect bite size chunks which are just the right length to hold your attention and really gets you thinking about your pain and how to manage it in a different way.  Since doing the course I am happier and managing my pain better and don’t reach for my pain medication as much as I used to, though you should always check with your Doctor regarding your medication never just stop it.

Peter –UK


The techniques help with my sleeping.  As I am in pain all the time I find it hard to sleep.  I started replaying the video blogs for relaxation before I go to sleep and found I could get much better sleep.

Iris Butler – London


I feel my pain is taken down a level.  I did the course and then bought access to the members’ library.  Joey has taught me the importance of changing my thinking and this has transformed me. I feel excellent mostly despite my MS.

Doris Sharma – India


I like the different ways of dealing with pain I learn on the course. I am understood, accepted and encouraged throughout which is so important for me.  I am confident I’m seeing small results but I am seeing results.  It’s just nice knowing that I can use the resources to help me feel better about my condition and get through the day when I need it.

Grace – Trinidad & Tobago


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