Foundation Course

Pain Free with NLP Foundation Course is a complete beginner’s course that explores Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques in depth and brings techniques to life with real examples that you can use to reduce your pain. You will be able to work at your own pace and you gain the tools to continue therapy at home and get the results you need to live a better life. For sufferers of Fibromyalgia or other chronic pain conditions.

The course teaches a wide range of NLP skills to enable positive thinking and relaxation which is useful for people with fragile systems.

Course content is 180 mins.

Who this course is for:

  • Pain Free with NLP Foundation Course is meant for people who are have a chronic pain condition and looking for relief from their condition.
  • Pain Free with NLP Foundation Course is not for people who have been suffering in pain for less than 6

What you’ll learn

  • To challenge negative ways of thinking about your pain, and to develop a healthier attitude to your condition.
  • To learn the different ways that you can influence a strong emotional state that will have a positive effect on how you manage your pain.
  • To give meaning to your pain when you use your senses and how familiar you have become with assigning negative meaning to pain using these modalities (your senses). Joey helps you focus on changing modalities i.e. what happens when you describe your pain differently or to experience your pain in a different way. Changing modalities in pain is effective as you will be able to replace a terrific pain with one of joy and happiness, allowing you to cope better with your symptoms.
  • To gain confidence in using the energy of your own mind-body connection to help with your symptoms and your well-being.

Course Content

Section 1: Introduction

  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 About Joey

Section 2: Fibromyalgia               

  • 1 Fibromyalgia

Section 3: Intro to the Mind Body Connection

  • 1 Mind Body Connection

Section 4: Visualisation Technique

  • 1 Visualisation Technique
  • 2 Anchoring
  • 3 Visualisation Technique in Action
  • 4 Visualisation Technique closing

Section 5: The Facets of Life

  • 1 The Seven Facets of Life
  • 2 NLP Communication Model
  • 3 Conscious and Unconscious Mind Part 1
  • 4 Conscious and Unconscious Mind Part 2
  • 5 Ecology Check

Section 6: Helping yourself

  • 1 Pacing and Saying No
  • 2 The Nightmare that is Pain
  • 3 Submodality Crossover
  • 4 About Milton Erickson and the Betty Erickson Technique
  • 5 Betty Erickson Technique Demo
Price: £65
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Peter –UK, 2015

“If you suffer from any chronic pain condition this course is a must try. It is put together in perfect bite size chunks which are just the right length to hold your attention and really gets you thinking about your pain and how to manage it in a different way. Joey explains the different subjects and exercises in the course in a way that is really easy to understand and enjoyable to do. Since doing the course I am happier and managing my pain better and don’t reach for my pain medication as much as I used to.”

Lynne, UK, 2018

“Thanks so much, I am really learning a lot through this course through the videos and thank you for sharing the techniques that have and are helping you to build a brighter life while dealing with fibro”.

Jane Courtois 2019

Joey is very direct, and very explainable about NLP helping with your pain. Also, it is nice to hear about NLP with Fibromyalgia from someone who really has it like I do. this is amazing and some of it is very helpful for my pain. Thank you Joey and hope you make another class on Fibromyalgia soon! :)